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Biking Norway for Rugute 2012

8 November 2012
Since the beginning of the bike ride, people have donated 6728,03 Lt (updated on Nov. 8, 2012).
18 October 2012 Play Beauty Parlor
On the 14th of October, a charity campaign "Play Beauty Parlor", inspired by the bike ride across Norway, took place in Oslo. People who wanted to participate in the campaign, were asked to donate a minimum of 200 Norwegian krones for the Childhood Cancer Fund "Rugute". All the participants of the campaign got their hair and make ups done and their photographs taken by a talented photographer. During this campaign, a total amount of 1753 Lt was raised. We thank the author of the campaign, the stylists, the photographer, the ladies' club "Viola" and all the ladies who attended the beauty parlor.
Since the beginning of the bike ride, people have donated 5638,18 Lt (updated on Oct. 18, 2012).
3 October 2012 Impressions
I want to thank all the people who read my posts, who supported me and who donated money for this cause. I believe that we will meet again in my future trips.
During the campain Biking Norway for Rugute 2012, the kind people donated 4716,29 Lt (~1365.93 EUR).
22 September 2012 Day 26 (95 km)
Oslo! 2303 km.
21 September 2012 Day 25 (131 km)
Greetings from Minnesund! I dried frost from my tent in the morning and rode from the beginning to the end of Mjøsa (Norway's largest lake). I've got some more km to make.
20 September 2012 Day 24 (97 km)
Greetings from the crossroad! I'm close to Lillehammer and I'm deciding which road to take next. I started from 12% uphill this morning, reached 1060 m height in the daytime and in the evening - E6 detours that go up-down and sometimes there's only a bumpy dirt road...

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